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Anonymous: Can you please write something like attending a wedding with Matty? Xx

 (Sorry it’s kind of short but it’s really late and I have to sleep!! x)


”Tie or no?”
“No tie, and lose a few buttons, yeah?”
“Yeah alright.”

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Do you have twitter?

yeah! @leah_novik xx or click here

It is currently 1:35 am and I am waiting for your writing because it just makes me soooo happy when to write

it is currently 1:38 am and i am writing my writing because i want to get it published before i go sleep so sorry if it’s not as polished as my other ones but wow i’m so glad you like them xx


I made Matty on that face q app mattys1975


truly beautiful // may 4th, 2013

hey do you think you could link me to a good video of natty soaking wet, shirtless, and wearing white pants? thanks!!!

(so thirsty… i like it)

i don’t but try looking for videos of them in asia most recently cause he wore white pants there!!

thinkin i might just get a nose ring when i go off to college in a year and just not tell my mom. yep.



Photo by @leighbrianne